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ByDesign Management and Investments provides top quality management and investment services. Our multi-vertical business is structured to provide a comprehensive solution based on a deep understanding of our clients' needs. We provide the highest level of service and are committed to being true and transparent to work towards providing the best professional investment solutions.  

Buy a Business / Business acquisition services, Business Valuation/Deal Structuring

Are you or your organization looking at buying into existing business? Buying an existing business is a quick way to own a business. We can help you with sourcing the opportunity, valuing the opportunity, and negotiating the deal. Contact us if you are interested in buying out an existing business or investing as a silent partner. 

Business Mergers and acquisitions can offer a huge potential for immediate growth. Also businesses are acquired for strategic reasons like backward or forward integration. Our business acquisition services provide both buy side and sell side services. We help source the opportunity, value or appraise the opportunity, and work on coordinating and negotiating the deal in full confidentiality. 

Need Assistance in Financing the Purchase?

Our network has years of experience arranging financing for small- to medium-sized businesses and will help you understand your financing—and hence purchasing—options.

Most business buyers depend on sellers taking back a percentage of the purchase price in the form of a loan. Through this financing arrangement, known as vendor take back or a seller’s note, the buyer agrees to pay back the funds over time, with interest. The buyer realizes lower risk, better terms and a greater commitment of the seller to ensure his or her success.

Our Investments

We are discriminating about the businesses we invest in. We follow a very specific formula & checklist - if it fits our guidelines we move forward with it. 

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